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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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san francisco cable car bell ringing contest dead tonight at the age of 55. the cause of death, the latest bay area union squabble. mike sugerman is at powell and market to answer questions. if you hold a bell ringing contest and no muni employees want to participate, does it make that fantastic sound? >> reporter: not if nobody comes. you know, dana, it's a day usually that the city honors the only movable national monument in the entire united states. and when the transit agency celebrates its employees. but today muni got caught in a ringer not the way it hoped. [ bells ] reporter: the real ringers stayed away and muni would need a magician to make bad feelings disappear. >> we don't feel good about it. we don't feel like ringing the bell. why should we go ring a bell when they step down on our
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necks? no. we not ringing no bell. >> reporter: for the first time in almost 50 years they refused to participate at what's supposed to be a feel good event. there were ringers, but only one muni employee signed up and then backed out. can we ask you y the drivers didn't feel like doing it. so i'm backing them. >> reporter: three-time champ leonard oats wanted nothing to do with it. he stayed on the job. among driver complaints now having to pay for parking, work rule changes that cut down time and proposition g on the november ballot which would change current language in the city charter. it would take out the provision that assures muni drivers of making at least what the second highest paid drivers make in the u.s. >> we had a charter for 41 years. now why do they want to go into the charter? it's not going to save no money. it's been for 41 years.
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tell me why they change it. and now you tell us to bell ring? what about our charter? >> reporter: none of the muni drivers are competing today. >> this whole event is about recognizing and honoring our operators and it's unfortunate not here but we are still going to recognize them for the fine job they do every day. >> reporter: and in the middle of all this, muni's cable cars stopped working. the powell street line went down. seems a little more than coincidence that the cable car goes down when you're boycotting -- >> now, can we explain that coincidence? we have nothing to do with the cable. there is a powerhouse that's up there cable machinery that runs the cables. they stopped the cable. we don't know why the cable stopped. we just out here working. >> reporter: well it really did seem like a coincidence and in fact they insist that it was and we have no reason to doubt it. is this over afte 48 years?
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but there is a serious split between employees and management at muni, very bitter. >> yeah. seems to be. and it's too bad. the cable cars are the look of san francisco if you will. >> reporter: made no noise today. >> all right. mike sugerman, thank you. well, cal announced today it's cutting several varsity athletic teams including baseball and gymnastics. robert lyles in berkeley with details on the decision. robert. >> reporter: allen, i want you to consider this. the golden bears baseball team was established the same year the first immigrants passed through the gates of ellis island. that means since 1892, golden bears baseball has woven the fabric of the university of california 118 years. but all of that was ripped to shred today when the university announced that baseball would no longer be a varsity sport. now, the baseball coaching staff and team tell cbs 5 they
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were blindsided by the university's decision. the coach says he just brought in eight freshman recruits and believed this year's team was a contender for conference title. but baseball is not alone. the hatchet has been dropped on both the men's and women's gymnastics teams as well as the women's lacrosse team and the team with 25 national titles under their belt, the rugby team has been converted to a club sport. that means, they no longer receive any funding from the athletic department so scholarships are out. they will have access to facilities and admissions plays will be held for recruited players. donors say they will fund the team but they say the university doesn't seem interested in outside dollars. >> i don't know what our recourse is for this. i wish there were. we didn't seem to be given much hope that it was just a matter of raising money and be able to
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pay for yourself. >> again, these were very painful decisions and as i said to the students earlier today, deciding which programs was the most difficult part of the plan. >> reporter: now, that was the university's athletic director. now, both the baseball team and gymnastics team will be allowed to continue through the close of this academic school year. in total, 163 student athletes will be affected. 13 coaches will be fired at the close of this school year. the university says it is a savings of $1.1 million. >> robert, just to clarify, the rugby team becoming a club, they have access to the facilities. they have to raise their own money. they have to be self- sufficient, don't they? >> reporter: the rugby team says that largely they are self- sufficient. they say this they rely primarily on outside donor dollars, which is perhaps why the baseball team brought that up same argument that if they are able to bring in their own
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dollars would they still be able to function as a university sanctioned team? it's yet to be seen if that will be permitted. at this point, the team has been eliminated. >> that's a lot of student athletes who have to change plans. all right. robert lyles in berkeley, thanks. a different story tonight for san jose state. that school just announced plans to let in thousands of new students. thuy vu says it comes as a surprise especially with no state budget in place. thuy. >> reporter: yeah, dana. no budget in place but plenty of high hopes. as you know, the csu system has 23 campuses. and in the past recent year they have been through enrollment cuts, employee furloughs, and here at san jose state, even layoffs for the first time in a very long time. so any bit of good news is welcomed news. reporter: they may be the net generation, but most students at san jose state university haven't seen the latest announcement online on the internet. the california state university
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system will admit up to 30,000 applicants next year, reversing a move that shut down applications last year because of budget cuts. >> i think that's good. >> i'm glad more students are going to have the opportunity to come to san jose state. >> reporter: even though state lawmakers are still negotiating a budget, csu officials say they are hopeful the final version will include the governor's proposal to restore $366 million to csu. >> we are excited about being able to serve more students. it's a challenge for us without having a finalized state budget. we're not sure where that's going. >> reporter: san jose state's application period for the spring session just closed at midnight last night. the university is hoping to add several thousand more students. >> we do provide preferences for students that graduate from high schools or transferring from community colleges from within santa clara county. >> reporter: students from outside the county will be placed on a wait list, but the extra enrollment means more chances to get in for everyone.
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this nursing major says her sister was declined last year when she tried to transfer from a community college in aptos. >> she is considering becoming a nurse as well so hopefully she will try to transfer into the program. >> reporter: scu has received $106 million in federal stimulus funds and will use that money to begin the process of adding students. but some remain skeptical. increased enrollment is good, but will there be increased space in classes? >> a lot of times they get allowed into the school but not into the program that they want. >> reporter: still, she offers a lesson in optimism. >> we can just hope for the best, you know, and just work hard. >> reporter: hope for the best and, of course, no one wants to see a repeat of the fee hikes last year when fees jumped 32%. it has been a tough year for both csu staff and students alike but this latest announcement, dana, should help to ease some of the pain. >> glimmer of hope there.
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all right, thuy vu, thank you. developing news out of alameda county this evening. at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon a construction crew hit a gas line on bay farm island. the alameda fire department quickly evacuated about a dozen houses. other residents have been told to stay inside their homes. the pipe was supposed to be shut off by 6:00 p.m. no word yet. the fire truck is there chopper 5 is over it. we'll keep you posted as it develops. 5-year-old james franco lived just down the block from the san bruno blast site. he died yesterday. he suffered severe burns and was rushed to san francisco general hospital. he was later transferred to ucsf medical center, where he died yesterday morning. he is the 8th person to die because of that disaster. now, today in washington, d.c., a senate subcommittee held a
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hearing on that disaster. >> firefighters actually were powerless. the water main in the area had burst in the blast. cal fire helicopters were then brought in. this inferno burned for one hour and 29 minutes before the gas to the 30" transmission pipe could be turned off at two different locations. >> individually and collectively as an industry, every company that operates natural gas facilities shares a profound responsibility to protect public safety. it is bar none the highest duty that we are entrusted with. >> senators feinstein and boxer have introduced a bill to double the number of federal pipeline inspectors, increase the penalties for safety violations, and require automatic electronic shutoff valves where possible. a hot day and a hot fire. the challenges faced by bay area firefighters today as the heat wave drags on. it's official.
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a new low even for the california legislature. the i'm len ramirez in san jose, where the board of supervisors today said no to the federal government. what's behind their decision to opt out of the plan. ,,,, ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees?
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that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ]
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call firefighters want to hear: a huge apartment well, on a day like today, it's not the call firefighters want to hear fire at a huge apartment complex. it happened shortly after noon today in hayward on carlos b boulevard. that fire started in a second floor unit. because firefighters responded so quickly, in just a matter of minutes. damage was contained to just the adjacent apartments. there was no spread to nearby brush. the cause of the fire is under investigation. nine people are homeless
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after a fire broke out about 11:30 last night on madison avenue. when firefighters arrived, they found that home fully engulfed, in fact cars in the driveway were on fire. everybody was able to get out before firefighters got there. three people had to be taken to the hospital with injuries though. that cause is still under investigation. as you might imagine, the weather made it uncomfortable for firefighters batting both those fires. officials say it's important for firefighters to be in good shape and have the proper gear work in any extremes of weather hot or cold but even the best preparation can be use less in volatile conditions. >> a fire like this gets out of hand, certainly the weather, today's conditions, eastern winds, could have made things worse. >> as you saw quick work by firefighters in that hayward fire prevented any problems. temperatures in triple digits didn't keep die-hard golfers off the course. it was 108 degrees in the shade
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in san ramon golf course. the greens pretty much deserted except for the diehards. that golf pro says that they will play in any conditions. but he offered a few suggestions for keeping cool. >> if you have plenty of water on the course, if you are smart enough, take a cart when you can, then it's probably going to be -- you're going to be all right. >> another tip from the pro, find a tree and stay in the shade between shots. doesn't look like that's much help here, though. >> staying in the shade. that's the word of the day. >> the phrase of the day roberta. >> we did have a temperature span today anywhere from 71 degrees in half moon bay to 105, another record-breaking day in livermore. officially nine record high temperatures established on this date and one tying record event at the oakland museum at 92 degrees. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking towards the valley where we have some unhealthy ozone getting trapped close to the surface with a lack of a good sea breeze.
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that's why it was yet another "spare the air" day for the fourth consecutive day. tomorrow the air quality will improve with some cooler temperatures right there in the vacaville area, temperatures today near 103, 104 degrees. currently, it is very slow to cool down. still, 104 degrees in the livermore area. 101 vallejo. 97 degrees in redwood city. very hot conditions. 100 in santa rosa after a record high of 103 degrees for the second straight day. out and about, temperatures still near the triple digits inland. 80's, 90s bayside. tomorrow cooldown begins in earnest. tomorrow 10 to 25 degrees cooler with the return of the cool air mass aloft a marine layer that should be very patchy but with the cooler air, the air quality should improve. now, temperatures your pinpoint neighborhood forecast into the
6:17 pm
60s at the beaches, 84 degrees in san jose, 90 los gatos, meanwhile east bay numbers stacking up from 67 degrees in richmond where we had a record high today in the 90s, otherwise 97 degrees in brentwood. looks like north bay numbers anywhere from 75 degrees in stinson beach to triple digits still in the sonoma area. our outside number does call for pretty much 97 degrees towards the brentwood region. otherwise the extended forecast calls for seasonal temperatures, 50s, 60s beaches, mid-80s inland. more on the impending cool weather that can't get here soon enough. today was a day i heard people complaining in earnest. >> not me! [ laughter ] >> you never complain. >> never. not about the heat, anyway. all right, roberta. thank you. coming up, stiffer penalties for drunk drivers and according to police, she was a one woman wrecking crew for expensive cars. we are going to have that in two minutes.
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today said no to a federal program, aimed at spotting illegal immigrants. len ramirez on why lawmakers gave the thumbs down to sharing finger-prints with the feds. len. len ramirez on why lawmakers gave the thumbs down to sharing fingerprints with the feds. len. >> reporter: every day law enforcement agencies share information particularly fingerprint data to help solve crimes but the board of supervisors said no, we don't want to share that data with the federal government because of one particular agency that it goes reporter: when inmates are booked into santa clara county jail, what happens to their to. fingerprint information. >> i don't have to do this. i don't want to do this. >> reporter: the board of supervisors made it clear, voting unanimously that they don't want to make it available to federal agents. with federal immigration agents. >> they are not going to get cooperation until they take up the task of creating a just immigration law. >> reporter: although the vote was cheered by immigrant rights groups -- >> that makes us one of the leading counties in the country
6:21 pm
on challenging what we all know is an unjust really proposal by i.c.e. >> reporter: --it was not unanimous in the audience. >> the first law they break is the law when they come here illegally. and what does that do to the people that are waiting to do this legally in line? that kind of slaps those folks in the face. >> reporter: the vote means santa clara county is now opting out of the secure communities program, which was started under president bush. it shares arrest data between county jails, the fbi and immigration and customs enforcement. people without papers who do have criminal records can be held and deported. but community groups say that makes everyone without papers afraid to talk to police or even volunteer in the community. [ speaking spanish ] >> my friends told me that they wanted to volunteer and to support their children and their schools. but because they fear taking the fingerprints, they don't participate. >> reporter: the sheriff says now that there's clear direction how does santa clara get out of
6:22 pm
the secure communities program? >> all fingerprints are automatically sent to the california department of justice which is then sent to the federal department of justice. it's all part of a process. how that switch is turned off from the california to the feds is all being discussed right now. >> reporter: and that is a big point right there because it is programmed to share that information out with the federal agencies, dana. it will be very difficult to deprogram it to do it and they don't know how it will work out. >> in san jose, len ramirez, thank you. tonight, a 6-year-old oakland girl is recovering after police say she became the unintended target of a gang shooting at 2:15 morning. leslie ramirez was sleeping at home on east 16th street when someone opened fire. 20 bullets hit the home.
6:23 pm
one struck her arm and then lodged in the chest. her sister thinks the shots were meant for their 18-year- old brother. >> we were all sleeping. and i heard like a lot of gunshots and then i woke up and i -- i heard my mom crying and screaming. and then she had my little sister. >> police say that the girl's injuries are not life- threatening. another shooting was reported along the same street just one month ago. so far no arrests have been made in the case. a judge says a teen accused of setting off pipe bombs at his former school is competent to stand trial. police say 18-year-old alex youshock went to hills day high school in august of 2009 armed with pipe bombs, a sword, and a chainsaw. he allegedly set off two pipe bombs before he was tackled by a teacher. nobody was injured. the san mateo county superior court judge said yesterday that based on doctor evaluations, youshock can stand trial. harsher penalties are
6:24 pm
coming for californians who repeatedly drive drunk. a driver with three convictions will lose his license for 10 years under a new law signed by the governor this week. currently, those drivers have their licenses revoked for three years. of the nearly 188,000 dui convictions in 2008, more than the,000 were three time offenders. the new law will take effect in the year 2012. one million dollars bail. that's the amount set for a san jose woman who police say is a serial vandal targeting luxury cars across santa clara and alameda counties. 30-year-old woman was arrested saturday. this time police said the roughed up several cars in san jose. the investigators say she is also linked to cases in milpitas, pleasanton, sunnyvale and santa clara. a police report says she drives a 2009 bmw. for california lawmakers it's a new low.
6:25 pm
approval ratings nearing single- digit territory. so we asked them, how does it feel to be almost universally disliked? > also trailing badly in popularity contests, the fine city leadership in bell, california. who is in and out of jail. and how city residents are moving towards any bigger changes. >> and when the heat wave is long gone, the taste may linger. a check of the vines to see how they are faring under record heat. i "medieval knight fest".at angry peasants can mess up a car really bad. matt, my mercury agent, helped me file a claim right away. turns out mercury not only saves me money, but they also cover medieval mob damage. they got my car fixed in no time. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast free quote and start saving today.
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what were facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
6:28 pm
budget "framework..." maybe not as nailed down as first thought. governor that agreements on a california budget framework, the budget talks are cancelled. staffers are working on the sticking points. approval ratings for state lawmakers are at an all-time low. the latest field poll shows only 10% of registered voters approve of how the legislature is doing its job. 80% disapprove. that is the lowest approval rating since the poll started in 1983. so what do lawmakers
6:29 pm
themselves think of those numbers? tony lopez tried to ask a few. >> reporter: social commentator will rogers once said, i don't make jokes. i just watch the government and report the facts. well, the fact is, state lawmakers approval ratings are imploding. >> whoo! >> reporter: yeah. kind of like that. but minus the cheers. at 10%, state lawmakers approval ratings are the lowest they have been since field polls started keeping track. surprised? >> oh, no surprise at all. >> reporter: we didn't think so. of blame the budget mess or the bad economy or both. one veteran politician said don't blame anybody. >> so i think the goal now is to not point fingers and not play the blame game but get everybody together, thinking and acting as californians first. >> reporter: politicians are now first according to a new survey by a group called job boom when it comes to the least trustworthy profession next to car mechanics, bankers and the used car salesmen. it's time for lawmakers to wake
6:30 pm
up. >> what are the politicians doing? they are not supporting the good for the state. the employees. >> reporter: some want us to cut stating legislators some slack. >> i think they try to do their best. i think the real problem is the two-thirds majority. nothing can get passed. >> reporter: political expert barbara o'connor said politician do care their ratings are so low but many in the public don't buy it. >> so the public when you talk to them about it they don't listen to us. what are they doing? >> reporter: another anonymous social commentator once said, don't vote, you'll only encourage them. but most of the people we spoke with say they don't plan on taking that advice. they will be voting loud and clear. >> tony lopez in sacramento. now, the mayor of bell is out of jail. the city manager robert rizzo is not. dave lopez on how even bigger changes could be coming to the town now infamous for scandal. reporter: robert rizzo the $800,000 a year one-time city manager of bell, who according to sources could make anything happen in that city, still
6:31 pm
can't make bail. and while he sits behind bars for day number 8, his attorney still has not convinced the district attorney's office that the money needed for the $2 million bond is clean money, not tainted. meanwhile, the mayor of bell oscar hernandez did post bond a quarter million dollars and was released in the middle of the night. >> mr. mayor? [ knocking ] >> reporter: i could hear voices behind that closed door, voices in the garage out back, there were cars in the driveway, the do not trespass sign had been knocked over, and no one came to the door. and around the corner, at the mayor's grocery store, near silence. the key of the day. >> did you put up the store for part of the bail or do you know? you don't know? have you seen him since he got out of jail? >> yeah. >> reporter: how's he feeling? okay? >> i don't know. >> please, i need respect for everybody. please. >> reporter: but angry bell residents have lost respect for not only the mayor but three
6:32 pm
members of the council because the grassroots organization basta which means enough in spanish has gathered enough signatures to put on the ballot in december for recall vote. george several others are out of jail and in seclusion. will they resign? artiga's son through a closed- door and barking dog answeringed for his father. >> the family supports our dad completely and we are behind him. >> reporter: no other comment. >> the recall signatures more than 4,000 that's twice the numbness will be turned in to bell city hall sometime tomorrow morning. and the recall election for december is a wish list. more than likely, it will be held in january or next march. from bell, dave lopez, cbs 5. and we are just getting word in that federal judge has blocked the state execution here in california that was set for thursday night. i believe it was 9:00 p.m.
6:33 pm
after reassessing the new injection protocols so as we get more details we'll bring it to you in the next half hour. still ahead, staying inside to avoid the heat? it's not just you. who or what else is crawling inside a store. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell at at&t. the pennant run the final six games start tonight at at&t park. we'll talk to one of the hottest giants coming up in a few minutes. ,,,, ring ring. progresso. i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white-meat chicken.
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and the heat is being blamed for power outages in the southland, as the demand for ar record-breaking heat in southern california as well as here. the heat is being blamed for more outages in the southland as the demand for around the clock air-conditioning soared. an underground electrical explosion overnight shut down power to a downtown los angeles office building. nobody was hurt. today's high of 99 degrees was well below yesterday's record of 113. but it was still 17 degrees above average. the extreme heat in southern
6:36 pm
california is bringing out pests, as well. bugs things, icky. early-morning terminators say they have had lots more calls this week everything from ants and flies to black widow spiders and snakes. pest control experts say they are literally crawling out of the woodwork looking for cooler ground. well, one business that's really sweating as this heat wave, winemakers. ann notarangelo reports it's looking like a glass half empty season for them. >> this berry is one burned in the last few days. it's still a little spongy versus the crispy critters around t >> reporter: john is a personable third generation winemaker who, with his family, tends to 60 ache near little valley in martinez. they make award winning wines on 60 acres but this year it's anybody's guess how anybody's wine will taste because of the weather. >> this is one year that we can't wait to finish. >> reporter: some of these vines were planted in 1888 and maybe they have seen this before but he hasn't.
6:37 pm
it was a pain in the neck from the start. late spring rain, a cool summer, and then two shockwaves of heat. >> the vines didn't acclimate for heat. and when we finally got summer the last week in august, we got this. [ laughter ] >> reporter: essentially raisins that aren't even that sweet and not what you expect to drink. vianno is hoping early on his grapes would be able to figure out this crazy weather. >> plants are like people. they acclimate to their surroundings. >> reporter: but enough is enough. and after what could have been a phenomenal year turned into a questionable one, even his upbeat demeanor wilts a bit in the hot sun. >> in general, it's just a level -- a love of what do you that keeps you doing it. >> reporter: not so much this year? >> no --well, yeah, early on we did just because this is what we do. and then as the year goes on you just say god, i hope it holds
6:38 pm
out long enough that we can get the thing to harvest and then to get a surprise like we did, sort of put you back in a downer. and just can't wait to finish. >> reporter: in mashes, ann notarangelo, cbs 5, in martinez. coming up, the least fashionable of all boots in tonight's "good question." nine, nine records in the bay area today as far as high temperatures are concerned. now 20 to 25 degrees cooler. we'll pinpoint those locations as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
6:39 pm
ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees? that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip.
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[ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ]
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the issue of j right now meg whitman and jerry brown are in the middle of their first debate. it's happen at uc-davis and the issue of job creation came up pretty early on. >> we're going to have to have an economic development team that competes for jobs. the fact is we are being outcompeted by texas, colorado, utah, arizona, those governors are showing a real interest in our business. i was with rick perry the other day, the governor of texas, who said i come on hunting trips to
6:42 pm
california. i said hunting trims? he said yes. i come hunting for companies and jobs for texas because we have a better business environment. >> she has the values that if you just give it to wall street and business and follow the george bush playbook things will be well but we have seen the results of that and they are not very pretty. my plan is to invest in clean energy, green tech of the future. >> and we are going to have more tonight's showdown in davis for you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. all right. this year, your tax form will not be in the mail. the irs has decided to stop using the postal service because so many people simply file online now. the move is expected to save about $10 million a year. you can still get paper forms on the irs website, or libraries and post offices. today a vote was postponed to avert the mayor's veto on a fee for alcohol wholesalers. the money would cover costs for
6:43 pm
alcohol-related healthcare as well as prevention and treatment programs. the mayor said the measure would hurt the economy. but supervisors did give final approval to an expansion on the ban on tobacco sales at stores and pharmacies. it will now include the larger grocery stores and the big box stores such as costco. live in or visit san francisco enough and it will happen. a parking ticket. but what happens when the parking authority slaps a boot on your car? ken bastida has tonight's "good question." >> reporter: on an average day, how many do you install? >> anywheres between five to 15. >> reporter: the owners ever come out while you're doing it? >> yes. >> reporter: everybody likes new shoes. but a boot like this, eh, not so much. this device is the low tech way to get you to pay up on your delinquent parking tickets. >> if you have five delinquent citations, you will get a boot. >> reporter: it only takes five
6:44 pm
but in this town, that's not hard to find. >> we have had up to 105 tickets on one car. >> reporter: on a single vehicle? >> on a single vehicle. >> did that person come out and talk to you? >> no. >> reporter: they didn't drive away, either. once the boot is on the registered owner has 72 hours to pay the citations. if they don't, the vehicle is towed and it's not released until the the fines, citations, towing and storage charges are all paid up. occasionally somebody tries to drive away with the boot on. the boot is designed to stay on until they take it off. you try to do it, these little spikes are designed to punture your tire. the traffic control officers have up to two hours to take off the boot once you pay your citations and oh, yeah, it's one size fits all. i need your good questions. send them to me at you can pay me now or pay
6:45 pm
me later. later is going to be more expensive. >> you got it. [ laughter ] >> nobody was wearing boots today. >> no. >> flip-flops. >> we had nine record high temperatures across the bay area today, one record tying event but the hottest temperature was 105 in livermore. i now guys thought i was crazy yesterday when i was forecasting 105 and it was 104 today in santa rosa as well as in gilroy. outside now it's our live cbs 5 weather camera from mount vaca where it was 102. clear skies, sundown at 6:57. the coast is clear. we have an offshore flow. ocean beach and bay waters. today's high in san francisco 92 degrees. currently 82. 97 degrees currently in santa rosa. that's where we had the high today of 104 degrees. another record in livermore at 105. we had temperatures at 97 degrees in oakland. currently 89 degrees. stay had a record of 99
6:46 pm
degrees. it's currently still in the mid- 90s so obviously, it's very toasty out on this tuesday evening. number-wise inland from 95 to the triple digits. we have lots of sunshine in the 90s around the bay and 79 to 84 that's the temperature span right now around the beaches. tomorrow, big drop. 10 to 25 degrees cooler it's that cooler air mass that will be aloft with patchy low clouds and fog. we are going to go from 92 to 72. 84 in san jose. cooler air mass and west wind, air quality will be better. it will moderate, still a tinge, but not as bad as today. clouds riding to the north of the huge dome of high pressure. the ridge will begin to break down erode from that trough to the north of us. so temperatures will begin to come down tomorrow and then for the next couple of days.
6:47 pm
number-wise tonight across the board from 52 degrees in santa rosa to 63 degrees extremely mild around the santa clara valley including the almaden valley, 60 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. otherwise temperatures tomorrow topping off in the 60s down from the upper 80s at the beaches. 90 in los gatos. 86 degrees in santa clara. otherwise, east bay numbers will span from richmond at 67 where we had a high today in the 90s. that was a record to the outside number 97 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge, san francisco first off 57 degrees. otherwise low 80s in novato, backing through terra linda. 85 in penngrove and santa rosa. the extended forecast, take a good look at it because what we have by thursday is a deepening marine layer that will usher in cooler air mass so therefore, the temperatures really moderate.
6:48 pm
thank you for your backyard photograph, mypix 103 in sebastopol. keep your photos coming to >> thank you. coming up eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw, 11:00 on cbs 5, call it fitness clubbing. the hottest trend in work out, dancing and dressing up while you work out. how you jam is helping people get physically fit and have fun. join us for that tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell at at&t trying to avoid the water of the infield right now. giants are a game up. we'll talk with the hottest player coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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the giants lead the west by one game as they begin their final 6 down to the wire dennis at the ballpark tonight. >> this is what it's all about really. it's six games, the giants have a one-game lead over the padres and they play the arizona diamondbacks tonight. i got to admit, i think brian fabian the general manager made some team moves down the stretch that have helped put the giants in this position. specifically, he added three arms to the bullpen for the stretch run. starting line-up pat burrell was signed off the unemployment
6:52 pm
line, he has 17 home runs. they have also added outfielder jose guillen, infielder mike fontenot and outfielder cody ross and suddenly, the hottest of those pickups is cody ross. after a slow start, the giants centerfielder is hitting .428 with three home runs and five runs batted in, in his last four games. cody you were happy to get on a roll. how does it people? >> -- how does it feel? >> this is the most exciting week i have had in my baseball career. you know, it's just nice to get back home and hopefully we can bring it home for these guys. >> for a player who has to come to a team in the heat of the pennant race, a team that needs offense, do you feel pressure? people want results now. people don't want to see troubles. they want results. do you have to stay within yourself or is it to be put too much pressure on yourself? >> i think you can put a little bit too much pressure on
6:53 pm
yourself at times. i came in with a couple of hits right off the get-go and i started feeling a little comfortable and i started putting a little pressure on myself trying to do a little too much and, you know, now i'm just back to being me and trying to do anything i can to help this team win, whether it's, you know, hitting a big homer or coming in for defense and, you know, or pinch hitting. whatever they need me to do, i'm ready to do it. >> what about the post-season roster? is there pressure there that you think you have to do certain things to make sure you're on? >> no. i'm just going to -- you know, that's kind of stuff that's oat of my hands. i'm just going -- that's out of my hands. i'm going to do what i do. when they call my name, to be as ready as possible and try to help the team win. >> reporter: i would hope you would come out here with all the black on your face. have you set the record for the amount you put on? >> it might be close between me and another. we started doing that back a few years ago and i just kind
6:54 pm
of carried it over. it's something that i like to wear. but -- >> reporter: does it help or is it a look. no, >> no, it helps a little bit. but it's more of a look. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> 22 with one out to go, halladay has the 1-2 pitch swing and a miss he got him! and the philadelphia phillies have won the fourth straight national league east crown! >> one national league team is already in the phillies clinched another division title last night. the two time defending national league champs will likely own the best record in the league . it's becoming old hat. so amid the champagne celebration, former standout jimmy rollins started using a it camera. okay. now to some unfortunate news. drowning in debt, cam athletic director sandy barber today announced the elimination
6:55 pm
of several sports. >> again, these were very painful decisions and as i said to the cal students, earlier today, deciding which programs was the most difficult part of the plan. >> cal has the axe, all right. and today they used it on their own athletic program. the baseball team has one more season and will be eliminated. the men's and women's gymnastics gone. and women's lacrosse eliminated while men's rugby is on its own. >> cal athletics is not immune to the effects of the recession and the financial realities facing this campus. the financial imperatives dictate that our alliance on campus support must be reduced. >> reporter: 163 athletes are affected although their scholarships will be honored. 13 coaches are out of a job. total saved, $4 million. it is the end of an era for cal
6:56 pm
baseball which began in 1892. you some alums, former giant jeff kent but the program was losing over $10 million a year. as for rugby, a legendary club that is the most successful in school history with 25 national championships. and its coach vows to continue. >> the current historic values and standards of cal rugby as a high performance sport are superior to those intercollegiate athletics as a whole. moreover, i can promise that this same cal rugby culture will not be a victim to administrative structure. >> reporter: and finally, adults go wild in a bad way. some pee wee football coaches in texas tried to break up a scuffle between players and then started an all-out brawl. good parenting? a punch to the back, one guy said it looked like one of the
6:57 pm
players tries to restrain an adult. this took place a couple of weeks ago. the league is punishing the players. both teams are banned from post- season play. some of the parents are attempting to get the league to overturn its decision. but it sounds like a very just penalty to me. not a very good example for the kids. that's it from at&t park. we have six games to g giants with a one-game lead. giants and sanchez is in charge of protecting that lead, allen. >> all right. and then we have the padres coming in this weekend so giants really got their -- they got to win. >> reporter: i think the idea is to make sure we have a one or two game win before the padres game. >> there you go. just wrap it up. what a great night to be at the ballpark. >> it would be perfect. >> yeah. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. to help avoid dental problems i give patients act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now.
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